The Spinergo Optimal office chair represents the highest comfort for you and your spine. Despite the favorable price, the design of the Spinergo Optimal chair is modern and elegant and perfectly adapted to the anatomical structure of the spine.

Spinergo Optimal is characterized by high strength, which is ensured by the construction of solid plastic. It is height adjustable and impresses with its exceptional design. The dynamically moving seat is a unique solution for systematic exercise of the back and abdominal muscles. The seat can be fixed in a stable position and thus give the muscles the necessary relaxation.


The backrest is formed by one part in which the lumbar support is integrated so as to provide maximum support in the region of the shank portion of the spine. The headrest is height adjustable.

For the upholstery material, mesh in four colors of your choice has been chosen.

The armrests are adjustable in both vertical and horizontal directions.