I am very impressed with the design, sturdy construction and ergonomic features of the Spinergo Chairs and I think the moving seat is a brilliant innovation. I get a lot of low back discomfort when sitting on normal office chairs and since using your chairs I am more comfortable when working. I have also noticed less back discomfort at other times during the day.

Rodney Laing

Consultant Spinal Surgeon – voted one of the UK’s top 10 spinal surgeons

Based on clinical trials and my own experiences I can say that dynamic chair Spinergo is truly unique.

MUDr. Peter Klein


Balance chair Spinergo is an excellent tool in activating and strengthening the deep stabilization system (DSS), which acts as a muscular corset for the lumbar spine, and it is now a strong emphasis on it in the fight against backpain. Like any muscle also DSS needs rest, which serves a handy lock. Spinergo appreciate everyone with sedentary jobs, who wants also help to their back at one time.

MUDr. Jaroslav Chomič


I use the Spinergo Medical Chair in my Dental practice and I am convinced of the benefits of sitting dynamically. I am now able to manage my workload more ergonomically.

Dr. Frank Reifart


The Move & Stop system has everything I require in an ergonomic chair. It is also made to the highest quality. I recommend the Spinergo Chair to everyone.

Roman Daucher

Health expert specialising in workplace ergonomics

I have only used the Spinergo Medical Chair for a few weeks and already I can feel my posture improving. My back muscles are stronger and I no longer experience back pain. I recommend this chair to all my patients with back issues.

Dr. Christian Hess